The Causes Of Natural Disasters

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Three people during a dangerous hurricane try to stay alive, and one person walks to the bathroom. While he is walking to the bathroom a window breaks and a piece of glass cuts him in the neck. They can not call the ambulance because of the hurricane. He later dies in her own home from blood loss. (bleeding to death)I wanted to research on this natural disasters because I want to help make the world safe and its life in the world. I care about the destruction of these natural disasters. There can be a building that is one billion dollars that is just built, then it was destroyed during a tornado or hurricane.The main point or question i’m overall trying to cover is that why don’t we try to stop or predict and help fight the disasters in the world. We can help in a lot of ways to help stop many things from dying or the destruction it causes.I think I can, I will stop this by telling the world that we can help prevent these natural disasters by helping each other to help predict and someday prevent them.

There are many reasons to help prevent or stop these natural disasters. These solutions are available because of the fact that we have a lot more people than we need to help prevent or stop these natural disasters. These solutions include building, donating, and in general stop doing stuff that is dangerous during a natural disaster.One of these is building dams or walls to prevent tsunamis if the wall is big and strong to prevent from these natural disasters from hitting.
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