The Causes Of Pope Urban II : The Crusades

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The Crusades were a religious war that was fought over the Christian control of Holy Lands. Pope Urban II initiated the war in the 11th century to try and take back control over the Holy Lands from the Muslims. There are eight official crusades that did not achieve their goal of gaining control. The Crusades lasted for nearly two centuries, and the effects can still be seen to this day. The Crusade began after Pope Urban II gave a speech to the community asking them to help. When Pope Urban II gave his speech he wanted to aid the Byzantines with recapturing the Holy Lands, reduce warfare in Europe, and strengthen the church; however, the situation transformed into the robbing and killing of the innocent, the pillaging of the Byzantine…show more content…
This is not one of the reasons that Pope Urban II started the Crusades for in his speech.
During the 4th crusade the Christian Eastern Roman Empire was taken by the Crusaders. Nicetas Choniates writes that, “The divine body and blood of Christ was spilled upon the ground or thrown about… Christ was robbed and insulted and his garments were divided by lot.” this writing says that the crusaders robbed the Eastern Roman Empire and split up the loot they got. He then proceeds to saying that “For the sacred altar, formed of all kinds of precious materials and admired by the whole world, was broken into bits and distributed among the soldiers, as was all the other sacred wealth of so great and infinite splendor.” Nicetas Choniates is saying that the famous relics of Christ were also taken as loot without a second thought. The crusaders pillaged the Byzantine citizens which was complete opposite call of action that Pope Urban II gave in his speech.
Pope Urban II told his people that they needed to recapture the Holy Lands from the muslims. Saladin, a Muslim king that conquered the first Crusader Kingdom in Jerusalem, gave a speech saying “Now God has reserved the merit of its recovery for one house the house of the sons of Saladin’s family, to unite all hearts in appreciation of its members.” Pope Urban
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