The Causes Of Poverty And Underdevelopment

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The causes of poverty and underdevelopment are related in both the theories of Modernisation and Dependency. These theories discover and explain views regarding the modern world, existing relationships and differences between the Third World and developing countries. Both theories have similarities and differences in their approaches to poverty and undeveloped countries. Both suggest solutions offering different strategies to improve the gaps and communication between developed and underdeveloped nations and societies. The modernisation theory as explained by Wehler (1975) focuses on the development from traditional to modern societies. Eisenstadt (1996) explains that “Historically modernisation is the process of change towards those types of social, economic, and political systems that have developed in Western Europe and North America” (as cited in Chandra & Sharma, 2015, p. 210). The modernisation theory regards poverty and underdevelopment as a result of a traditional societal system (Greig et al., 2007). This theory believes that the rich developed countries are wealthy because they practice the accurate form of contemporary beliefs and values rather than following their traditional societal practices. The theory implies that if people continue to follow their traditional implementation paths then they will prevent themselves from succeeding economically and socially to their full potential. As stated by the modernisation theory, policies are put into place with the
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