The Causes Of Social Class Inequality In The United States

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Ever since this nation was declared, the societies within the United States have suffered inequities based on their race, gender, culture, beliefs and economic status. Despite all the struggles that Americans went through to improve situations, the repetition of oppression and destructions of common beliefs had been plausible within the United States. As long as these negative factors remain in America, a society with social classes will always be counterproductive in economic development. The beliefs of free speech for minorities continue to be unequal within this country and is a mere image of historical events that have diminished the endeavors of minorities alike. According to Teresa Pac, Assistant Professor, Global Art and Visual Culture Coordinator,” The foreign-born linguistic groups, including the Chinese, Mexican, German, Irish, as well as Eastern and Southern European immigrants among others, maintained their heritage languages through bilingual education, often lived in cultural enclaves, and therefore were perceived as a threat to American values”. This begs the question if this kind of treatment towards different ethnic groups will continue or not for the future. National American values are truly an ideology created within America to program Americans to believe that someone who doesn’t speak English is a threat to their pride and is therefore labeled as an outcast. Social norms in America also tend to support stereotypes as well. Another contribution to social

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