The Causes Of Social Injustice In The United States

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America is supposed to be the land of dreams where any working man can strive and achieve the same status as any privileged can possess. But with social injustice in America at an all-time high, this dream seems to be falling apart at the seams. Social injustice is simply another form of injustice. Social Injustice can vary from one person's point of view to another. Ann Marie was a 36 years old, she was a writing teacher who was coming back from a spa, missed her bus and decided to walk home. The police stopped her on suspicion of prostitution. Officers said she that was looking into the windows of passing vehicles. When she tried to show them the receipt from the spa, officers took it from her. She was afraid that the only physical evidence that supported her case would be gone, so she tried to take it back, knocking the police’s notebook to the ground. That got her a charge of harassment to go along with the prostitution accusation. She eventually beats both cases in court. The social injustice for many people it can be seen as the few getting all the benefits with little being trickled down to the few, and having to fight for the scraps. The social injustice is the fact that the education of people is far from where it should be. People in the United States suffer from the injustice in the politics, especially the criminals and immigrants. The injustice system affects lots of people and their communities. The archetype of injustice can be found through stereotype,
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