The Causes Of Societal Assimilation For Vietnam Veterans

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Societal assimilation for vietnam veterans is like climbing Mount Everest without any prior knowledge and proper supplies, irrational and unreasonable. Societal assimilation for anyone is a difficult task to accomplish, but for a vietnam veteran, the difficulty of the situation is increased one-hundred times more. Many vietnam veterans are exposed to society and to the world without any prior knowledge of it, or not enough information for them, to the point where they can easily integrate back into society. Societal assimilation is one of the many things that gradually cause displacement in Vietnam veterans when it comes to being a stable member in society. For starters, former Vietnam soldiers find it harder to find a stable job, that helps sustain themselves and their responsibilities they might have had before war, like a family and or children. In the article titled fighting for employment: veterans in the 40s and today, Jordan Moore a former war soldier states, “the military and the workplace are very different”, this proves why it could be difficult for veterans to assimilate society regarding the nature of a work environment. They probably have difficulties differentiating what is acceptable at war, between what is acceptable at work. Which may cause overthinking, from the veteran, which can lead to extensive amounts of stress. Secondly, a very impacting cause that affects many Vietnam veterans in regards to assimilation is they might be fighting their own battles
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