The Causes Of The 1812 War : The War Of 1812

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This war was fought between America and Great Britain which started in the year 1812.It was in this war, that the American expansionist attempts to the north would be halted. The war was a huge loss to the American Indians who sought to fight and keep them on their land but would loose and their land was taken (Horsman, Reginald). It is ironic, however, that this war ended in a stalemate having not benefited the parties that were taking in it. America did not occupy Canada as it hoped and neither did Great Britain, the colonial master of Canada acquire America.
Before the war of 1812, the British were engaged in the Napoleonic war against Napoleon of France in the Napoleonic wars. America sought to be neutral on the issue and its involvement at the time became only through trade. The British, however, instituted blockades and trade restrictions preventing American sailors from trading with the enemies of British i.e. French. This was an unfair move and was deemed to be an attack on the sovereignty of America and international laws(Reginald, 2017). The British would also force the American ships to first dock in the British ports and get a license before trading with any European nation. They made the American sailors join the British army, a move met with a lot of criticism and protest by the Americans against the British. The British were impressing the sailors were looking for British nationals who were avoiding the army by boarding American ships. Since there was no

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