The Causes Of The American Revolution

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The Causes of the American Revolution England started settling in America in the early 1600s when the settlement of Jamestown was built; eventually throughout the years this lead to the American colonies because more Englishmen and women decided that they too would start a new life in the “New World,” and more people means more houses for the people and more houses and buildings leads to more colonies being formed. This process of forming new colonies under British rule ended in 1732 when Georgia (the 13th American colony) became an American colony; however, since these colonies have been around for over a century these colonists have had an immense amount of time distant from England they begin to get a taste of this freedom and after…show more content…
This all began with the Navigation Acts. These acts stated that any exports that the colonies sent out had to be transported by British ships; however, England was still lenient with this law, especially in 1721 when the Navigation Acts became more “relaxed.” England did not want to enforce this law because more colonial trade meant a chance for British goods to be sold which led to benefitting England’s economy (“Why Were the Colonists Upset…”). However, one law led to another; 42 years after the navigation acts became “relaxed” in 1721 the Expansion Boundary was put into place in 1763 (“Why Were the Colonists Upset…”). After fighting the French for 9 long years in the French and Indian War, the colonists thought that they would finally have some peace with settling west; instead the opposite happened. The colonists’ expectations were not met at all because of the Expansion Boundary no one was allowed to settle west of the line, and any settlements that were already on the other side of the boundary had to be abandoned. This proclamation was nothing like the Navigation Acts where the law was inconsistently enforced, in fact, England sent in British soldiers that were posted along the boundary to prevent anyone from crossing to the western side of America (“Why Were the Colonists Upset…”). This new boundary obviously made the colonists angry at their home country, but to top everything off King George III made the colonists pay for these
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