The Causes Of The American Revolution

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If it had not been for some of the cruel and selfish actions made by the British Parliament and the rebellious reactions of the American colonists, America may be totally different today. The American Revolution was bound to happen because of many acts and events such as the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts. All of these acts and events made the American colonists furious because the colonists had no input in the way their government functioned and this caused rebellions and boycotts. Though the British believed they were correctly ruling the colonies, many Americans became very angry with the British because of their actions which resulted in much tension, violence, and disobedience throughout the colonies.
In 1765, Britain’s Stamp Act put a tax on all printed papers such as newspapers and legal documents. The Stamp Act was one of the first major taxes on items and was used to help repay Britain’s debt from the French and Indian War. The Stamp Act was one of the first acts made by the British that began to infuriate the colonists. The colonists were upset with this act because their current laws stated that people could be taxed by their representatives. The American colonists did not have a representative in the House of Burgesses which made it unfair and wrong for the British to be able to tax the colonists on these items. Patrick Henry says, “The Stamp Act is against the law, we must not obey it, King George is a
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