Essay about The Causes Of The Civil War

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"The tragic ‘fireball

in the night’ imagined by Jefferson had finally rung. The

Missouri Compromise had failed. Proslavery and

antislavery civilians clashed in the streets and took up arms.

Thousands of Northerners were willing to die for their

beliefs. The Civil War had begun. The states were at war

with each other." This dividing battle between the North

and the South was unavoidable. The Civil War was caused

by economic, political and moral problems. It all started by

an alarming increase in a need for cotton, which triggered

the building of a barrier between two territories in a

growing nation. New Machinery was changing the textile

industry in New England and Britain. These mills needed

more and more cotton,
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Of course, not all Southerners

supported slavery, nor did all Northerners oppose it. Yet

antislavery feelings were on the rise in the North…few

white Southerners went to extremes. Their concern lay in

maintaining the plantation system as it existed. With her

book she was able to gain many Northerners support in the

antislavery race, yet at the same time she outraged the

Southerners. Harriet’s novel was one of the many things

that sparred mistrust between the North and South. The

North didn’t trust the South because they refused to help

Southern plantation owners capture slaves. North

depended on the South for making money, and the South

depended on the slaves to pick their cotton. This created

the Northern fear of Competition. The North was afraid

that South would gain power of crops and put them out of

business. This meant that slavery would double. The North

was torn between giving the slaves their rightful choices, or

keeping the economy balanced. It was a matter of moral

standards. The South wanted to break away from the

union, while the North still wanted the two territories to

stick together. This conflict was the main cause of the Civil

War. The South argued about their state’s rights. They said

a state could nullify a federal law it did not consider

constitutional. Southern states based their right to leave the

union, on the fact the original 13 states had existed

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