The Causes Of The Civil War

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Liberty Galindo
Mr. Scheet
AP U.S History
5 November 2017
Unit 4 Essay
The initial causes of the Civil War have been previously discussed and analyzed by historians, but have remained one of the most controversial debates, due to its numerous causes that created the most devastating war in American history. The country had been avoiding the disputes that would later become the causes of the civil war for decades. The Mexican War is proof that the issue of slavery was put on hold by President James K. Polk, the concept of manifest destiny and the expansion of the U.S. As the topic continues to circulate, the obvious causes that led to one of the bloodiest conflicts in America, are seemingly the economic and cultural differences between
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During the course of settlement and looking for opportunity, Irish immigrants found their race competing against poor Americans and free blacks for low income jobs. Irish survivors of the Great Famine (1845-1852) came to America to escape the dark and brutal events. Unlike the south, the north had a rising middle class and high social motility, due to their wide variety of opportunity because of industrialization. The south was perhaps the worlds leading agricultural producer at the time. Southern economy was based on straight agriculture such as growing cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo. All these crops were grown and sold as cash crops. It was not until Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin that cotton became the souths most important crop. The region was infamous for their enormous plantations of cotton, but the cotton needed to be supervised and picked regularly. Southerners depended heavily on slaves to plant and grow the cotton. It was during this course in history that a slave’s existence became crucial to plantation owners. The south then benefited from the excessive amount of agriculture being nurtured and became exporters to the whole world that brought in great profits for the country. It can be said that the most essential cultural difference between the north and the south was their opposite stances on slavery. The south relied heavily on slavery for its income, while the north was seeking to eradicate the evils of

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