The Causes Of The Cold War

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The cold war and its effects on today's society has been a mystery on its causes to most if not all historians. Most will not agree on one particular event that happened creating this cold war, but most agree it was a series of events. Oil, arms, W.O.M.D (weapons of mass destruction) and the space race could all been seen as events, but not one pinpointed. The U.S had been allies with the Soviet Union during WWII and seemed to be working out until political fears of communism taking over the world rang over Washington. And also how the Cold War had actually helped the Civil rights movement making it stronger and how they got the Government to work for them. I will be explaining causes for the cold war and a brief history of it and how it affected not only the U.S, but a whole world as well. I would define the Cold War, as a war without battles. Although all the other components of war i.e. armies, weapons, propaganda, events etc and two opposing sides (the West vs. the East) were there, there were no battlefields. No Generals led their armies to war and no direct conflict ever took place. However it is difficult to identify a starting point because there was no single action that could be pinpointed as the event that started the Cold War. The conflicting beliefs between the sides went back as far as 1917 when Russia had its revolution and because one side was communist and the other believed in democracy, arguments between the leaders could be traced
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