The Causes Of The Conflict Between Palestine, Israel And Palestine?

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In the 1890s, the Ottoman empire controlled the Fertile Crescent which includes Palestine, Iraq, and Syria. During this time, the struggle between the Zionists and Palestinians began. Of the 738,000 Palestinians, 80 percent of the population consisted of the Christian and Muslim Arabs (Gettlemen & Schaar 2012: 147). During the time that the Germans persecuted the European Jews in the 1900s, Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, believed that the Jewish community needed to migrate to a land of their own to be protected from persecution. The Ottoman sultan refused to welcome Jewish immigrants into Palestine but the Zionist movement refused to migrate anywhere else (Gettlemen & Schaar 2012: 149 - 150). On November 2, 1917, the Foreign Secretary Arthur James Lord Balfour created the Balfour Declaration, which established a national home for the Jewish community in Palestine. The Arab leaders were not informed of the declaration and had little say in its outcome. The Arab leaders disagreed with the declaration and disliked the idea of Palestine under to control of Britain. The Zionists supported the Balfour Declaration and the Arabs opposed it. This eventually resulted in a war between Britain, Zionists and the Arabs (Gettlemen & Schaar 2012: 150). There were multiple battles that occurred in Palestine over the years due to tense relations between the different religious groups. In 1929, a battle was caused by Yishuv members who wanted to divide women and men during

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