The Causes Of The Cuban Revolution

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The Cuban Revolution in 1953 was an armed revolt against the right-wing administration of Fulgencio Batista which was led by Fidel Castro and his 26th of July Movement. The revolution would continue until 1959 when the revolutionaries overthrew Batista and replace his government with a socialist state . There are many different reasons for the cause of this revolution which can be traced back to Cuba’s relationship with the United States. Che Guevara's speech and the Platt Amendment are two primary sources that provide insight of the United States effect on the Cuban Revolution (Keen and Haynes 2013, 401). On January 29, 1959, Che Guevara delivered the speech named, “The Social Ideals of the Rebel Army. Che Guevara met Fidel and Raul castro in Mexico City during the year of 1955. He joined the July 26 movement which was named after the attack of Moncada army barracks led by Fidel Castro. This attacked sparked a rebellion against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Che would soon become the second in command of the historical Cuba revolution (Keen and Haynes 2013, 401). The speech he gave was sponsored by a cultural organization named Nuestro TIempo at a ceremony in Havana. He begins by giving praise to Jose Marti who was a symbol of Cuba’s independence against Spain in the 19th century. Che claims that the revolution's goals are derived from Marti’s dream of Cuban independence. Jose Marti led a revolution to break free from Spain’s control which is similar to what the revolutaries during this time want as they want to eliminate the dictatorship that is controlling Cuba. In his speech, Che claims the way to accomplish this goal is by forming a coup as Barista did to get into power. However, Basita also had the support of the United States which provides insight into the relationship between the U.S and Cuba (Guevara, 1959). In 1952, Batista along with help from the United States overthrew the Prio presidency due to corruption and violence that shadowed his administration. Che acknowledges United States support of Batista as he states, “Batista has given hundred concessions to the United States and we must give them a hundred and one”(Guevara, 1959). One of the reasons why the United States chose to
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