The Causes Of The Fast Food Restaurants

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In the world today one of the fastest growing chains are the fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants have grown over the past few years for many different reasons. The first cause is needs of the community, which have sports and school activities in the community. In a family, both parents usually tend to have job. In turn, they do not have enough time to cook and how often that the families are eating take out is increased. Most people work full days with a lunch break of limited time, thus practically they need fast food for lunch. When I was younger my brother and me played football and baseball and wrestled, while both my parents worked a full time job. We were a pretty busy family and really never had time to make a real dinner at home and we would just eat at fast food restaurants because they were a quick and easy way to get lunch or dinner. In the United States many families are busy from sports and from work, which has allowed the fast food chains to grow.

The second cause for fast food to grow is the cost efficiency. When you have a large family and want to do something for dinner it usually costs you a lot of money, but with fast food restaurants now you can get meals for your family of five for less than thirty dollars. This has made fast food restaurants grow because most families are middle class and work a lot and need to eat out because they don’t have time for a full cooked homemade dinner. Families decide to eat out but when you have many
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