The Causes Of The French Revolution And The French Revolution

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The Iranian Revolution occured from 1977-1979, under the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. During this time, the Shah made the people very angry due to his actions as ruler. When this revolution ended, it was a huge turning point in Iran. The French Revolution began in 1789, due to enlightenment ideas, inspiration from other revolutions, economic troubles, and religious injustice, among other things. This revolution was a huge turning point in the history of France. Despite the Iranian Revolution taking place under one leader, and the French revolution taking place under many, the causes of the Iranian revolution compare to those of the french revolution, in terms of Religious ignorance, the gap between social classes and the structure of how the revolution played out. Throughout all of history, Islam has been the main religion of Iran. Religion is “a “A cultural institution, a complex of symbols, articles of faith and practices adhered to by a group of believers...:”. Religion therefore unified the people, and played a huge part in unifying the many social groups Iran had.. During the Iranian Revolution, there “... existed no separation between a man’s obligation as a believer and his duties as a citizen…”(Brandis, 8). In the time of the revolution, the Shah made it clear that religion was “unimportant to him as a ruler, whereas it was a concern among the people”(Üniversitesi) . Along with this disregard to religion, Shah reduced the religious estates in 1962, in a
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