The Causes Of The French Revolution

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It is certain that the French Revolution was not caused by one single phenomenon, however it can be said that the events occurring in accordance with the French Revolution were not only terrifying but when looking through our eyes just clearly wrong. The most significant reasons for the French Revolution are the imbalance of equality, power, and rights these reasons are supported by the ideas of liberty and fraternity which developed from the enlightenment era philosophers. In conclusion to the French Revolution the people started to make their own laws that would apply to all equally this is what we can consider as the lasting effect of the French Revolution on France/Europe. The main cause for people to feel like they were not being…show more content…
In Paris the people also stopped eating rolls and soft bread due to the fact that they weren’t allowed to have wheat. After that, people started to post signs that were used to spread negative rumors against the government and it kick started a lot of things in the third estate. Therefore, because of the unequal rights between the estates, not only was there high taxes but there was control of grains and what they could eat too. It is a well known fact that the third estate made up most of the population in France during the time of the French Revolution (98%), and is supported by document number nine. However the third estate was treated with as much equality of which a mouse would receive compared to a person. When King Louis XVI needed more money to fund his elaborate spending habits and get the country out of their bad luck streak, he turned to make more taxes. These taxes, that would only burden the third estate. The third estate, however was already paying the taxes that every first and second estate member didn't have to pay. This was by the order of King Louis XVI. He made it so that the third estate, which mainly consisted workers, would pay all the taxes and the upper two estates would not have to pay any taxes to the crown. This shows the inequality to the third estate and caused riots and strikes. In the article ‘The French Revolution At Versailles: Rise Of The Third Estate’ by the The
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