The Causes Of The Great Depression From 1929-1939

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America experienced an economic crisis like never before known as the Great Depression from 1929 to 1939. In October 1929, the stock market crashed causing many investors and consumers to be left without a job or any money. The crash did not just effect the United States, though. The depression started in America, but, because of international relationships and trade, became a worldwide crisis. In 1933, “The banking system was near collapse, a quarter of the labor force was unemployed, and prices and production were down by a third from their 1929 levels.” (Stories from the Great Depression) This crisis left many Americans without a way to provide for their families. Peggie Sides stated in the video, “People found ways to get money, to do a job, to get unemployment, to keep the family going.” People began to migrate in search of employment, mainly to northern cities like Detroit. For the citizens who knew certain trades such as farming, the Great Depression was not as much of a burden. Those could at least provide food for themselves. Another luxury that many could not afford were clothes. For the people with the ability to sew, this was not as bad because they could patch together fabric. For those without the ability to sew or farm, they went hungry or without any clothes or shoes. During the Great Depression, skill was more important than products. Because the value of the dollar decreased, even those with crops or products to sell would not get the amount they used to
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