The Causes Of The Holocaust

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In learning about the Holocaust I have found that the causes of the Holocaust are just as important as the injustice itself. There are many reasons the Holocaust was allowed to happen and many reasons it had become inevitable.
One of the causes of the Holocaust was the need for a scapegoat. Like any thriving society Germany needed a lower class; a grouping of people that could be discriminated against. Hitler extended this to more than one group of people instead targeting everyone who wasn’t what he saw as perfect or in his words Aryan. He victimised everyone in society who did not fit his ideal vision and did this in his vision to unite Germany and make it a powerful country again. In every society there is a scapegoat or a group of people discriminated against based off of one or more differences. After suffering great losses in the war Germany was in turmoil. In 1923 the country was facing an economic crisis of epic proportions. Unemployment rates had skyrocketed as did inflation making money useless. Along with economic trouble the German people had lost faith in their leaders and their government, forced into democracy and the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 they were prime and ready for Hitler to take control and were happy when he did. The first thing hitler did when he took power was find an enemy. Using this strategy he united the German people against others and gave them faith in their leaders. He used it to start his campaign and it propelled him to control. His…
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