The Causes Of The Indo-Pakistani War Of 1947

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The Indo-Pakistani war of 1947 was the very first war fought between the two counties over Jammu and Kashmir. The war began when Pakistan sent troops from Waziristan into Kashmir in order to obtain their land. When the king of Kashmir, Hari Singh, realized what Pakistan was doing to Kashmir, he pleaded with India for help. “Tensions exploded in October 1947 when the Pathan Muslims of Poonch rebelled against the Hindu landowners of Kashmir. On October 22, Pakistan sent troops into the region, brutally taking Muzaffarabad and Uri, burning a swath of destruction wherever they marched, and killing Hindu civilians,”(“Indo-Pakistani War, 1947-1948,”, n.d.). Indian government made a legal document called the Instrument of Accession stating that they…show more content…
General Yahya Khan, who was the president of Pakistan, refused to transition power to democratically elected Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. “These events sparked a massive surge of some 10 million refugees from East Pakistan—Bangladesh—into West Bengal, India, one of the most impoverished districts of one of the world's poorest nations”(“Indo Pakistani War, 1971,” n.d.). General Yahya Khan tried to suppress this uprising by systematically eliminating Bengali civilians, religious minorities and armed personnel. The East Pakistanis fled in millions to India to escape from these brutalities. India was thus introduced into the war. Pakistan sent airplanes into Kashmir on December 3rd, 1971. This started a 12 day war between India and Pakistan in which India had the upper hand. India now recognized Bangladesh as a country and at the same time launched an air and ground assault on Dhaka. India now held control over Dhaka and had captured 90,000 Pakistanis as prisoners of war. Pakistan was left with no choice but to declare a ceasefire which ended the war between the two countries. Sheikh Mujib returned home to become Bangladesh’s first president. Pakistan officially recognized Bangladesh as a country in
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