The Causes Of The Nursing Shortage

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The Causes of the Nursing Shortage

On June 14, 2011, Claire Courchane talking about the current situation in the nursing field said that ‘With the nursing shortage looming, America needs shot in the arm’. She couldn’t address such reality in better words. The shortage, which goes evolving, already has dramatic effects on our healthcare system. In 1998, a 61 years old woman experienced the consequences of an understaff hospital due to a nurse shortage. Indeed, Shirley Keck who was interned at Wesley Medical Center, in Wichita, Kansas, died earlier this year as a result of a lack of care while staying in that facilty. With 42 critically ill patients, only three nurses were on duty at the Wesley medical Center the night the incident occurs. Shirley admitted at the hospital to cure her pneumonia had trouble breathing during the night, her daughter who stayed with her desperately sought to find a nurse to help her mother but her efforts were vain. Eventually a nurse finally arrived but it was already too late. Shirley Keck had already lost her ability to speak and care for herself (Reed). This woman would probably still alive if there were enough nurses at the care center that very night. Many stories similar to the Keck’s make the news on a regular basis proving that the nursing shortage is a serious issue that leads US hospital to function with skeleton crews, causing unnecessary deaths and injuries. If the situation has been pointed out, many scholars tried to identify…

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