The Causes Of The Opium War

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Opium Wars The Opium Wars lasted from 1839-1860 and had a major effect on world affairs. The dispute between Britain and China escalated throughout the years. In the mid 19th centuries, the first Opium War was fought between the forces of Britain and the Qing Dynasty. The first war began because of what China and Britain did to each other to cause this war. The Chinese officials had shut down the drug trafficking to China because it was becoming very addictive to the Chinese population. There was a drug known as opium which was very addictive and grew in india. Britain got the opium from india because . They were giving it to China because they wanted silver for opium in exchange they were getting sliver. Today the drug known as opium back then it was know as heroin. However recreational use was illegal and not widespread. Britain just did not stop and it was becoming bad for the chinese and they got really mad. Britain began shipping ton of drug without getting in trouble using the loopholes and out right smuggling to get around the ban. It destroyed imperial China. China even arrested 1700 dealers and were surprised of how many drug addict there were. British attack one of their merchants boat When the british were trading illegal substance. china they had to destroy more than 1400 tons of drugs that were warehoused at canton by British merchants. At this point china was getting very upset and something happen were a drunk british man killed a chinese person and

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