The Causes Of The Post-War And The Cold War

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Post-War World After World War Two ended, many thought that would be the end for a while. Not too long after the war ended, the Cold War began. Post-war time was difficult for the countries involved and the difficulties during this time ultimately led to the Cold War. World War Two was fought on three major theaters and on different fronts. After the war was over, settlement establishing international institutions helped to get the continent of Europe and other struggling countries back onto their feet again. All the battles that happened during World War Two and the helpful institutions that came afterwards all shaped European and wider world history for the better because it led to the creation of the United Nations, advancements in technology, and a huge increase in economic growth for some but a struggling economy for others. The immediate post-war contributed to the emergence of the Cold War because of the atomic bomb dropping, which ended World War Two, but set the stage for the Cold War. Once World War Two had ended, the United Nations replaced the League of Nations and was meant to prevent another such conflict. The details of the United Nations were worked out at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington D.C. in November 1944. The previous League of Nations failed because only two of the five Great Powers truly attempted to keep the peace. The five powers eventually learned from that mistake. The United Nations included a General Assembly of all independent
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