The Causes Of The Russian Revolution Of 1905

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The Russian Revolution had happened for two years from 1904 to 1906. Before all of the revolution of 1905 in Russia happened, problems since the years before 1905 triggered a long run of anger and rage of the Russian citizens. The industrial workers were the biggest group that had received great hardships and the biggest contributors to the Russian Revolution. They could not handle the very low payment and long working hours, 14 hours in average, and soon ended up revolting and rising riots and marches all around the Russian land. The conditions in Russia were horrible as well as catastrophic that they were losing to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war. Russia was in control of one superior power, which the Russians back then called the Tsar.…show more content…
Petersburg. However, troops and police open fired, killed and wounded hundreds of the crowd. This event, which happened in St. Petersburg, was known as the Bloody Sunday. The Bloody Sunday, well-known event during the Russian Revolution of 1905, was the biggest cause and step that had lead to the 1905 Revolution. All over the country, strikes rose with complains that people of Russia do not have enough civil rights or liberties. Peasants attacked their landlords’ homes and took over their properties from flocks to lands. Large group of lawyers, doctors, students, engineers and other middle-class citizens demanded constitutional assembly over autocracy and establishment of Union of Unions. As the strikes were spreading all over Russia, one of the well-known strikes was the Potemkin Munity. In June 1905, sailors of the Potemkin battleship were complaining about their meat to be served rotten. Captains of the battleships were frightened that this action might lead to bigger strikes and ordered the crews who had complaints to be killed. However, soldiers who were ordered by the captains on the battleship refused the command and threw their captains overboard of their ship and sailed all the way to Romania. In October 1905, large strikes rose in an action to block the whole railway system of
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