The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials Hysteria Of 1692

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Nineteen people were hung, four people died in jail, and one man was pressed to death during the Salem Witch Trials Hysteria of 1692. (Document A) Because of actors and attention seekers, neighbor conflicts, and gender, marital status, and age, many people were executed. (video notes) The Salem Witch Trials Hysteria of 1692 was a tragic period of time when many innocent people lost their lives and people lived in fear. (video notes) In England, Pope Innocent VIII had declared heresy to witchcraft. (video notes) Since then, witch hunts had been held for over 300 years. (video notes) During this time, around 40,000-50,000 people were executed due to witchcraft accusations. (video notes) The most tragedies happened in the small community of Salem. (video notes) This was known as the Salem Witch Trials Hysteria of 1692. (video notes) So what caused these innocent people to die? One reason why so many innocent people were killed was because young single women had a low social status. (video notes) Young single women often accused the older married women with rich husbands of witchcraft in order to boost their social status. (Document B) When a woman was very young and single, they were of a very low social status. (video notes) In fact, due to this, 16/24 of the people put to death were women. (Document A) In addition, there were 41/61 married females who were aged 41-60 years who were accused of witchcraft. (Document B) Also, 13/23 of the single female accusers were
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