The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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Imagine living in a period of time where everyone around you was afraid of being put under the spell of a witch or even worse, being accused of being one. It all began back in 1692 in a Puritan village in Massachusetts known as Salem. Reverend Samuel Parris’ daughter, Betty Parris, became sick and started to hallucinate. This then spread to her friends and they began showing the same behavior. A doctor examined the girls and tried to cure them using common medicine but that failed. He suggested it was the work of witchcraft. The talk of witchcraft then took over Salem Village like a plague and the hunt for witches began. The gossiping and accusations had consumed the small town of Salem. Women and men were accused of being witches or practicing witchcraft. Even a dog was accused. Some were sentenced to jail, some were hung, and others were stoned to death. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 occurred because of many factors such as religion, politics, and social division. Other factors included Native American contact and ergotism, a mold that caused an array of symptoms, also played part in the chaos. Centuries later, the Salem Witch Trials still remain an unsettling event in American history.
To really understand The Salem Witch Trials, you have to know about the background events and information before it all began. Even before the accusations and trials, Salem dwellers had always feared the devil and dark magic. It started back in the fourteenth century, in Europe, before
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