The Causes Of The War On Drugs In The United States

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Have you heard about one of the most serious issues in the law enforcement system? It’s that prisons across the United States are facing the issue of overcrowding. This issue has been building up for years and at some point a solution is going to have to be found. Many factors have play a part in the issue of overcrowding but one of the main factors is the harsher penalties for crimes involving drugs. According to a Federal Bureau of Prisons study shows that over fifty percent of inmates in federal prisons are there for an offense related to drugs. This is because during the year of 1971, president Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs. This movement was started due to the misuse of drugs and the dangerous factors that came along with drugs such as violence and overdosing. The war on drugs consisted of policies that created harsher punishments for the use and distribution of drugs. It also consisted of increasing the size of federal drug control agencies. As time went on the effects on the war of drugs came to surface. The negative effects of the war on drugs are being seen now with an extreme overcrowding issue in prisons across the US. This brings up the point that decriminalizing drugs could possibly solve the issue of overcrowding. The option of decriminalizing drugs would allow for there to be legalization of many drugs but there still be regulations. Without the harsh punishments and regulations that are placed on drugs today there would be less criminals placed

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