The Causes Of Veteran Homelessness

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The United States of America rests on the shoulders of our brave men and women. It is unfortunate that once a soldier returns home, he or she has the strong likelihood that a roof, four walls, and a job will not be waiting. It is the responsibility of the people of this great nation to provide the support that these veterans need to survive in this world; they would help us survive in theirs. If goals are put in place and there is enough effort and power backing up the motor of these goals, then accomplishing an end to veteran homelessness will occur. This paper will examine the causes of veteran homelessness and how to cease and prevent veteran homelessness from happening and reoccurring. According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, as of 2014, 13.2% of the American population was homeless. Additionally, it was found that another 3.5 million people were strained to finding shelter in parks, under bridges, or sleeping in cars. Of this 13.2%, 23% of those suffering were United States veterans. The reason as to why veterans become homeless is due to war-related disabilities, such as physical disabilities, mental detriment, posttraumatic stress disorder, and an inability to reorganize themselves back into civilian life, noted in “Homeless Veterans: Perspectives on Social Services Use.” In April of 2008, the U.S. Department of Labor released the unemployment rates of those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 and the percentage of
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