The Causes Of Violence In The Middle Ages

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When people hear the words “Middle Ages”, one of the first things that comes to mind is “violence”. Perhaps the reason for this is because there are not many surviving written records from this period in time (hence the term ‘Dark’ Ages), and in many cases the ones that have survived talk about violence and war, leading to our perception of the Middle Ages as violent.
Another reason for why these times were much more violent can be attributed to the fact that people’s personalities would have been extremely different to ours today. They were naturally harsher, prone to violent behaviour and a lot more susceptible to the influence of religious beliefs, the latter of which was the cause of many wars throughout history, unlike the more peaceful religious institutions that we have today. In this essay I will discuss two specific times of violence, the Crusades and Joan of Arc, and then some other general points like murder and executions, for example. The next part of this essay will be an example of how religion was a cause of violence, during the “Crusades”.
The Crusades were a particularly violent time during the Middle
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It seems that violence was common place in everyday life during the Middle Ages, and not just in war. Most people, no matter what step they stood upon on the social ladder, would have experienced it in some way or another, whether that was through murder, rape, assault or street fights. Murder was one of the more frequent acts of cruelty that took place, which was mostly carried out by young males, and was often to settle disputes that the courts were too slow to intervene in. To give an idea of how common murder was, it is estimated that during the early 1500s in England one in five thousand people were murdered annually, which was a rate ten times higher than in the 19th
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