The Causes Of World Health Organizations ( WHO ) And Millennium Development Goals

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World Health Organizations (WHO) and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) played a very important part in the world. They worked so hard to improve the status of many countries in different ways especially in the area of improving health and fighting diseases. A declaration signed by the United Nations Millennium was established to fight poverty, diseases included but not limited to HIV/AIDS, hunger, women discrimination, illiteracy, mortality rate among women, infant and children. The MDGs has eight specific targets goals which were obtained from the declaration. The purpose statement of this paper focused on one of the target goal of MDGs which is eradicating extreme poverty and hunger on global health.
Global Health Goals
Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is the number one goals of Millennium Development Goals. The target of reducing extreme poverty rates by more than half has been attained five years ahead of 2015 deadline. Since the inceptions of MDG, the extreme poverty and hunger rate has reduced significantly in most developing regions. The statistics conducted in 2015 indicates that more than one billion have been lifted out of abject poverty from the time MDG was coined. As compared to 1990 when the majority of the people use to live below $1.25 a day in developing countries, the rate of poverty has dropped by more than 14 percent in 2015. The global employment-to-population ratio has significantly reduced by more than 2 percent from 1991 to
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