The Causes and Consequences of Divorce Essay

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The Causes and Consequences of Divorce


In this coursework I wish to deeply look into what are the reasons for marriage break-ups which consequently lead to divorce and even more consequently one-parent families. I also want to ask the question about the dependant children in nuclear families. Also another main important area to investigate is which age couples are more likely to have a marriage break-up, and further more I will look at the development of divorce over the past decades. Another point in which I will be looking at is the changes in attitude towards divorce.

Another area to investigate is whether religion has an influence in the break-up of marriages. If there was more
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She also has to consider many factors such as whether she can prove whether her husband has committed adultery, deserted or neglected her. Also there are legal costs which she has to consider, can she afford them? Plus if she does get divorced will she be able to support herself? What if she has no qualifications, no job experience? And if she did have these, adequately paid jobs for women in the 1950s were scarce.

But in modern times only a few of these factors would have to be considered. Many females would have started work within marriage, as there are more equal laws for women nowadays. Also if women have no previous work experience, it wouldn’t matter as many employers tend to go on first appearances. So with the work comes the money. If a woman wanted to get divorced nowadays, she wouldn’t have to worry about the legal costs. At the end of it all, in some cases, it has been known that the woman has ended up with half of what her other half owns. Plus nowadays employers will employ women without a second look.

Ø Different forms of marriage-

In Britain today, marriage is based on monogamy, which means it is possible to be married to only one person at a time. Monogamy is the accepted form of marriage in Britain and is backed by the law. Bigamy {marrying someone when already married to another person} is a criminal
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