The Causes and Effects of Pre-Marital Sex

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The Cutting Room Floor:
“The Causes and Effects on Premarital Sex”

Stephanie Joyce Uymatiao

English IV
Second Term 2007-2008

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Miss Melfe Cañolas Cuizon
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Outline Page I. Introduction II. Definition of Terms A. Sex B. Adolescents and Puberty III. Causes A. Friends’ Influences B. Family C. Drugs and Alcoholism D. Boy- Girl Relationships E. Media F. Temptation G. Sexual Abuse H. Confident of Contraceptives I. Ignorance J. Bad in School K. Others IV. Effects A. Physical Effects B. Social Effects C. Emotional Effects V. Prevention A.
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It happens two years earlier for girls than boys. Usually when girls are about 10-11 years of age, the sex hormone estrogen is produced in an increasing amount by the maturing ovaries.[iii] Boys and girls, at, the beginning of this stage, become aware of their developing sexuality and may become disturbed about the changes they are experiencing, so they associate mainly with members of their own sex. But as they mature and become more independent and surer of themselves, they become more interested in the opposite sex.[iv] Adolescence on the other hand, is the psychosocial response to puberty. Girls are often readier to relate socially to older boys because of their male peer’s lag in maturation, while boys tend to band together and avoid girls in early adolescence. During this stage both sexes go through a phase of intense emotional distancing from parents.[v] Also, they gradually learn how to get along in more grown-up ways with people of both sexes and of all ages. They learn to make their own decisions and they learn and discover the new ways of developing relationships with the opposite sex.[vi] III. Causes A. Friends’ Influences 1. Peer Pressure One of the main causes of premarital sex is pressure from your peers. Some, reportedly, give in to their barkadas and peer groups because they don’t want to be teased, left out, or made fun of about not being able to experience sex
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