The Causes and Prevention of Murder Essay

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You or someone in your family may have children who perform actions that can be indications of a potential serial killer. Most parents will ignore these signs but they are no joke. Does your child like to harm small animals? Does your child live in an unstable family; is your child socially awkward and isolated from everyone else? If you said yes to these questions, you may want to get more involved in your child’s life. According to many experts harming small animals, an unstable family, isolation from others, and bad mental health are the four main causes of murder but those are not the only causes. To the surprise of some people, violent videogames are not one of the leading reasons of why someone decides to kill. From early childhood…show more content…
An more modern example is James Holmes, the man responsible for the Aurora shooting. Even though he killed many he was different from Peter Kurten only in the way that he didn’t kill over time. James Holmes had schizophrenia, a mental disease many murderers seem to have. Revenge and schizophrenia were a few examples of why a person decides to murder. Aggression during their childhood can lead a kid to repeat what they see at home or school. If they live in an abusive home the chances are higher of them committing violent crimes. The geography in where they live can be a small cause but not so much because a lot of mass murderers come from middle class families or higher. Usually people from lower income families commit smaller violent crimes such as beating someone up due to territory and gangs. Even though there is many more cause of murder there are also many ways to prevent it from happening to your children. Some indications to look at as a parent and/or guardian are to see how your child acts around society. Being antisocial is one of the major things one should pay close attention to. Another indication is the way your child plays with small animals. If they like to hurt or even kill small animals that is a red flag right away. An abusive home is usually the main cause of a child turning into a delinquent. At a young age many children are physically and verbally abused

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