The Causes for Climatic Changes

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Climate can be defined as the weather conditions that are prevailing in a particular region or place. There is a constant change in climatic conditions throughout the year, we see new plants springing up and call it Spring, when we see the sun shining bright and emitting heat we call it Summer, when we see the trees shedding leaves we consider it to be the mark of Autumn and when the weather gets really cold it marks the beginning of Winter. This change is climate is caused due to various natural reasons and if the above mentioned cycle continues to happen without much change there is nothing to worry, but in the recent past several abnormalities have been noticed in the way the climate around us has changed.
There has been a noticeable change in the climate in the past few years all around the world. The summers have become much hotter and the winters are getting colder, many scientists have been researching about the causes for climatic changes these causes are also termed as forcing mechanisms. The causes for climatic changes can be broadly classified into two categories, internal and external. Internal forcing mechanisms are those natural changes that happen within the climate system of the Earth and the change caused due to interactions of these internal climatic changes. External climatic changes can either be natural changes like changes in the solar output or changes caused by human intervention like increase in the emission of greenhouse gases.
Global Warming: A
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