The Causes of Adolescent Depression

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“According to Mental Health America, one in every five teens has clinical depression” (“Safe Teens”). Do you know someone who suffers from teenage depression, or maybe a friend or family member? Or maybe you, yourself, may suffer from teenage depression. Well you are not alone. Many teens in America, as well as the rest of the world, are affected by teenage depression. Depression is an effect for many teens, with many causes. As a result, there are three major causes for teenage depression such as: Genetics, Environment, and Unhealthy Habits. In this essay, I will go in depth the many causes for teen depression. The first of the three major causes for teen depression is Genetics. Genetics play a vital role in whether or not a teenager…show more content…
Family history can also cause teens to have depression just as much as inherited traits. Adolescents can get depression if others in their family have depression. This includes: great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings as well. “Family members of depressed adolescents show markedly elevated rates of major depression and moderately elevated rates of alcohol abuse, according to the team’s study, which appears in the January Arches of General Psychiatry” (Bower). As a matter of fact not only are teens affected by other family members other than their parents with depression but are at higher risk for abusing alcohol according to Bruce Bower who wrote “Teenage Depression Shows Family Ties.” “There does appear to be a strong family connection also. A new investigation has found that adult depression and the teenage version run in the same families” (Bower). Therefore, not only are there strong family connections with teen depression, but also adult depression and adolescent depression are similar. Researchers have been able to determine that adolescents with depression may have got it from their parents. “There was a study done with over 2,000 participants from nine high-schools in western Oregon. The study found that a high rate of depressed adolescents had parents with major depression of other mental health disorders” (Bower). Without doubt teen depression can be developed from family
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