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Depression I am choosing to write my paper on depression for a couple different reasons. The first of these is that I have suffered from it for the last little bit of my adult life. Depression has not been an easy thing for me, or my family. There are many different symptoms of depression, and I have suffered a lot of these personally. The second reason I chose depression is that I wanted to gain a greater knowledge on the matter, and know how to better handle problems I am faced with. Depression is a serious issue not only to me, but to society today. It can lead to suicides, divorces, poverty. The third reason is that my mother suffered from post partum depression with my last sibling. This caused a lot of heartache for our family. …show more content…
(Department, Depression: What Every Woman Should Know ) “Evidence indicates that brain biochemistry is a significant factor in depressive disorders. It is known that individuals with major depressive illness typically have too little or too much of certain brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters. What is not yet known is whether the "biochemical disturbances" of depression are of genetic origin, or are secondary to stress, trauma, physical illness, or some other environmental condition.” (Department, Depression: What Every Woman Should Know ) According to this depression is a trigger in the brain. It is interesting to me that they are not quite sure of the exact cause of this brain trigger. I know that throughout my struggle with depression, the times where I am alone and my brain takes control are the scariest of times. I truly do believe in the power of our own minds. I know that the toughest times for me were when I let go of my thoughts and let them run free.
They also say that some stressors may be the cause of depression. These may come from loss of a significant other, a difficult relationship, problems with finances, or a major change in the pattern of life you are use to. These could all be possible sources to the illness of depression. They also go on to say that some people that have certain defining characteristics such as pessimism, low self esteem, or those who don’t have as much control in their

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