The Causes of Eating Disorders

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The two big dogs of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, which affect young boys and girls alike that cannot control their feelings when it comes to food. Some decide that food is not their thing, which is known as anorexia; and, some people have a love/hate relationship with food, better known as bulimia. Both of these disorders have consequences and are tough to give up without help from a responsible adult. The two dominate unhealthy eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, are vastly spreading, predominately damaging young women across the nation. The causes of these eating disorders started more than just affecting a local group of people. The definition of bulimia is that individuals that eat excessive quantities then purge their bodies of the food and calories they fear by using laxatives, enemas, or diuretics; vomiting; or exercising (American Psychological Association, 1). Bulimia actually came from the Roman Empire; nobles would have slaves serve them large amounts of food before they would purge and repeat (Silverstein, 189). The American Psychological Association definition on page 1 of anorexia is people with this disorder have a distorted body image that causes them to see themselves as overweight even when they’re dangerously thin. Anorexia was started…
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