The Causes of Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment

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The Causes of Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment Global warming has been a hot topic for many years and the climatological phenomenon was the subject of 2006's An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary focuses on Al Gore's campaign to bring attention to the problem of global warming through a slide presentation that he has developed and lectured on around the world. This documentary brought to light global warming and the effects that it is having on the environment. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses getting trapped within the Earth's atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses are produced in a variety of ways such as through the combustion of fossil fuels, by factories, and through the production of electricity. While the main component of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gasses include methane that is released from landfills and agriculture, nitrous oxide that comes from fertilizer, and gases that are used for refrigeration and other industrial processes. Deforestation is also a major contributor to the increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere; because there are fewer trees to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, the level of carbon dioxide will naturally increase and accumulate in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses accumulate in the atmosphere and over time, will cause the Earth's temperature to rise. These higher temperatures have an adverse effect on the environment and can cause things both ecological
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