Essay on The Causes of High Blood Pressure

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The heart pumps blood into the arteries and the force of the blood pushing against blood vessel walls is called blood pressure. Arteries carry the blood throughout the body. High blood pressure is also know as hypertension and is very dangerous in many different ways. One way is that it makes the heart have to work harder in order to pump the blood to the body. Secondly it contributes to hardening of the arteries and lastly, it also contributes to heart failure. A healthy heart is essential to life and having high blood pressure it not healthy for the heart. It has been proven that there are many different causes that have been linked to high blood pressure.
First of all, there are some risk factors that play a roll in those that have
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Such things include smoking, obesity, the lack of physical activity, too much salt, too much alcohol, stress, chronic kidney failure, thyroid problems, older age, genetics, and family history. The exact cause of high blood pressure is unknown. In some cases it is not known what is causing one to have high blood pressure. However, the following things listed above are known as contributors to high blood pressure.
Lastly, blood pressure is associated with ones diet and lifestyle. It is amazing when one’s diet consist of a high intake of salt they will shows signs of hypertension. Studies have shown that people who did not use salt shown no signs of hypertension. Monitoring the intake of salt will improve blood pressure readings drastically although; it is not the only contributor to high blood pressure. Increasing activity levels has also been known the lower blood pressure readings.
Normal blood pressure readings should be lower than 120/80. People who have blood pressure readings higher than normal should see a doctor and take action on how to lower their blood pressure. Blood pressure is highly dangerous and some instances result in death if remains untreated. Preventive methods should be taken in order to escape developing high blood pressure. Medication can be given to lower blood pressure if needed. Small changes in ones diet and lifestyle can have an enormous positive affect on ones blood pressure such as not
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