The Causes of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders Essay

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Individuals who experience stress usually are unaware of the symptoms that could lead into having serious post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Some PTSD symptoms can contribute to a number of factors such as being delusional, wanting to be left alone, numb, and the feeling of being on the edge. These symptoms require some form of clinical assistance. Psychoanalysis determines patient’s problems with identifying critical stressors to avoid serious health complications. This paper will review two research events that affect selected participants within particular socioeconomic groups. The research findings examined gender differences in PSTD and examined daily stress processes with relationship to health disparities. The methods are …show more content…
PTSD symptoms are considered psychological disorders that derive from simply feeling inadequate, lonely, unimportant, or unloved and can have a person feeling wanting more from life. In other cases PTSD can happen when patients experience losses and failures.
Article Reviews Stress contributes towards depress feelings that affects people physically and mentally. Some of the negative effects that stress has on a person’s life can attribute and trigger disorders, such as bipolar, development of long-term illnesses. It also results to “depression, physical illness, lowered immune system, aggravation of already diagnosed, conditions, fatigue, chronic anger and hostility, risk of hypertension and anxiety and more” (Butcher, Mineka & Hooley, 2010).
The first article examines the daily types of stress indicators in a socioeconomic health situation. The study identifies what were the health issues and vulnerabilities to stress by considering different characteristics related to daily stressors. A main was the identification on socioeconomic disparities that were associated with stressors that cause phenomenal health problems. The data methods were from the National Study of Daily Experiences and the Midlife in the United States Services, with a 1,031 respondent of subjects who participated over a

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