The Causes of US Intervention in Nicaragua

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It will be our curse”. This metaphor is appropriate in that it reflects the turbulent times the country of Nicaragua will face as a direct result from U.S. military intervention. In 1857, the United States utilized military intervention in order to save the nation of Nicaragua from a citizen of their own upbringing. William Walker, an ambitious American filibuster hailing from Pennsylvania had been overrunning several Latin American nations in pursuit for his own economic profits; however, in the end, the administrative government of the United States determined that the efforts of the military were unfounded and would reflect poorly; therefore the operation was repudiated by the government. The failure of the American government to fully dismiss William Walker’s conquest for power within the Latin America and punish him accordingly underscores how the United States consistently proves to support figures that often have the worst intentions but claim to uphold the interests of America.
The causes of military intervention within Nicaragua in 1857 to stop William Walker can be traced back to the economic and social impulses that had erected from the onset of Manifest Destiny occurring within the United States. The 1800s represented the time of ambition, growth, and development all falling under the big umbrella known as the Manifest Destiny. By…
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