The Causes of World War 1 Essay

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World War 1 (better known as The Great War), was caused by a great many elements, some long-term, some short-term and the spark. Together these reasons created a brutal war involving many countries across the globe and also killing a vast number of the world’s population. In this essay, I will thoroughly explain what started this war and which reasons made it start sooner. What in my opinion was the least important reason, for the war starting was how much richer all the countries were getting. England, Germany, France and Russia along with others, were all expanding their empires and in doing so they became a lot richer. England used their money to create a powerful navy, one that was said to be the “rulers of the waves”. Germany too…show more content…
So, Germany made a decision, as too much of the world had been claimed they must fight to gain countries, in order to build their much desired Empire. This lead to the war as it created rivalry between Britain and Germany, who were both powerful Empires in their own right. This meant in the case of a war between nations, such as the one which followed, these domains would be on opposing sides and would have a good motive to want to belittle the others status, Empire, National forces and wealth. The next most important reason was the murder of the Archduke and heir to the throne of Austria, Franz Ferdinand. This was the “spark” that lead to the beginning of the war. It was important because it caused Austria to attack Serbia. This is because although Bosnia was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, it wanted to be a part of its neighbouring country Serbia, who ruled themselves and wanted Bosnia to join them. So on June 28th 1914, when Franz and his wife visited Bosnia they were assassinated by the terrorist group the Black Hand. Austria then blamed this on Serbia and used his death as an excuse to attack Serbia. This then lead to many other countries getting involved. This was the spark of the war, as all the countries had already stated their allies and had rivalries with their enemies, and so all they needed was an excuse to fight each other. This is a cause of the start of the war, as it

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