The Causes of World War I: Webliography

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The causes of World War I: Webliography The causes of World War I. (2012). First World War. Retrieved: This multimedia website presents a timeline of events leading up to World War I. The causal chain leading up to World War I is presented chronologically, spanning from the development of secret alliances to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, followed by a more comprehensive analysis of the root causes of The Great War, which it defines as: "Austro-Hungarian determination to impose its will upon the Balkans; a German desire for greater power and international influence, which sparked a naval arms race with Britain, who responded by building new and greater warships, the Dreadnought; a French desire for revenge against Germany following disastrous defeat in 1871; Russia's anxiety to restore some semblance of national prestige after almost a decade of civil strife and a battering at the hands of the Japanese military in 1905." The website is condensed yet remarkably thorough in the manner in which it details the specific internal factors that propelled the major powers to enter World War I. Winter, Jay. (2004). Germany at the turn of the century. PBS: The Great War. This essay is an excerpt from a larger PBS series on World War I. It deals with the war as a whole, and includes shorter essays on specific facets of concern, such as why Germany
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