Essay on The Causes of the Collapse of the USSR

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The Causes of the Collapse of the USSR Works Cited Not Included Although its demise occurred in the very latter part of the 20th century, USSR could have just as easily imploded much earlier. Its collapse did not occur due to immediate events changes, but rather, its collapse was rooted within the fundamental constitiution of its socialist system and the impossibility of ultimate success. The implotion of communist …show more content…
During the years up World War II, Stalin was able to industrialize Russia and make it an economically viable nation. The war and its aftermath, however, was a defining moment for the USSR. With the war won, the USSR began a long and slow economic decent. The war had given USSR’s economy incentive to be innovative and therefore competitive. But by winning the war, USSR had no “necessity or desire to change fundamentally to compete in the transformed post-war international context” and therefore “doomed itself”(23). The Soviet economy, whose industry began to stagnate and was nortorious for its poor quality, experianced economic growth at 2 percent (26). The foundation of the economy, its industrial centres, soon became outdated and inefficent.

At the same time, post-war capitalism in the west was going through a period of change that would result in great economic prosperity. Prior to WWII, capitalism, because it was seen as the cause of evils such as WWI, imperialism, and the Great Depression, lost some of its acctractiveness. Within this context, socialism, with its emphasis on “social justice”, was appealing. But after WWI, “nstead of a final economic crisis…capitalism experianced an unprecedented boom”(20). Unprecidented growth among capitalist nations, new consumer industries, new media technology and the emergance of the successful “welfare state” profoundly
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