Essay on The Causes of the Korean War

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The Causes of the Korean War

On 25th June 1950, ninety thousand North Korean soldiers invaded South Koreas border defences, The Korean war had begun, this small scale civil war would escalate into an international conflict. Historically Korea had once been a united country, under Japanese rule for between 1905 and 1945 however, the Japanese were unruly and did not treat the Koreans well. At the end of the Second World War it was decided that the country would be divided along the 38th parallel and occupied by soviet troops in the North and American troops in the South. Syngman Rhee, who had spent some years exiled in America, became the president of South Korea in 1948, while Kim Il Sung, having
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The USA did not provide an air force for the South Koreans as they too did not want Syngman Rhee to abuse his advantageous position.

In 1949, Mao had just led a communist government to victory in a Chinese civil war, leaving the defeated Chinese nationalists in exile on the island of Taiwan (Formosa). This precedent where the Americans failed to stop the spread of Communism resulted in criticism of Truman's apparent soft approach towards the dangers outlined in the domino theory. This may have led to questions being asked as to would the USA intervene if North Korea invaded the South, Truman would now have to take a more stern and uncompromising approach to communism if he was to maintain domestic support and some may argue that the Korean support was an unnecessary token gesture to prove his vigilance and hard-line approach to communism. The Soviet Union adapted a somewhat different approach, Stalin was quite happy for there to be conflict, revolution and war in Asia as it would draw away attention from his plans of primary importance in eastern Europe, were he wanted to maintain his influence in the so called "satellite countries" such as Czechoslovakia, Poland

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