The Causes of the Outbreak of World War One Essay

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The Causes of the Outbreak of World War One The first world war was caused by a combination of these two factors and no-one reason can be assigned full responsibility because of the heavy linkage between the two. The Balkans have been at the head of most European problems, even today there is still conflict in the region. During the run up to the 1st world war were again the key focus of world attention. Austrian mismanagement was probably the most prominent in the summer of 1914 by reacting too strongly to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. It was an insensitive move in the first place to send the heir to the Hapsburg empire through Sarajevo as many Pan-Slavist groups existed in the…show more content…
German mismanagement during this time was also crucial, indeed the historian Fischer comments, 'from the time of the 2nd Moroccan crisis German leadership pursued an antagonistic approach to all foreign affairs,' this quote is particularly pertinent the lead up to World One as it gives a clear peace of evidence to show that Germany was not following the just cause concerning the Balkans, merely one which suited her own interests. The issuing of the 'blank cheque' to Austria by the Kaiser shows that Germany severely mismanaged this crisis as Austria may not have gone to war without this total unrelenting support because Austria was very split of the need for war, chief of staff Conrad urged war whereas the Hungarian minister Tisza strongly objected to it, without the Kaisers support war may never have happened. Fischer also points to the 'rapid German mobilisation during this period and their wish to establish British neutrality whilst painting Russia as the enemy of the piece.' Indeed this mobilisation by Moltke on the 31st July was clearly planned to occur just after the Russian mobilisation so to make it appear as if all
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