The Causes of the Protestant Reformation

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The causes of the Protestant Reformation
? In the 1500’s the catholic church was selling indulgences for people that had the black death, in the event of the black death you would get black spots all over the body when these spots appeared the person that was affected had three days to die, if the ill were catholic and decided to go to heaven they would go to the church and buy an indulgence which meant they reserved a spot in heaven. The business of indulgences in the Catholic Church was pulling it away from the teachings of the church. Martin Luther saw the corruption in the Catholic Church and created a 95 thesis on indulgences. Martin believed that the church was splitting from catholic belief and became corrupt. The church believed that indulgence’s saved a man but in Martin thesis indulgence did not save a man. The corruption of the church lead to the protestant reformation against the beliefs of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the Protestant Reformation? The purpose of the reformation was to expose the corruption in the Catholic Church due to the selling of indulgences. Martin Luther’s 95 theses only fueled the protests against the Catholic Church. The wealth that was collected by the Catholic Church by selling indulgences sent to fix Saint Peters in the city of Rome in Europe. Martin Luther believed that the church had been pulled away from the true meaning of the catholic church, so martin re-read the bible and he tested it against the catholic church’s
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