The Causes of the Seven Years War

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The French and Indian war represents the generic notion for what is known in the history of the European continent as the Seven Years War. This war represented an important moment in the history of the United States, despite the fact that the actual confrontation and the political disputes had included the French and the British. Although the political matters were related to the colonial issues the two sides had on the European continent, the major battlefield in this sense were disputed in the American colonies. It marked a crucial point in the creation of the United States and in defining the territorial identity of the country. Causes of the Seven Years War There are numerous causes that can be stated to justify the war and discussions over the causes of the war have been vast (Ropes, 1889). Two of the most important however focus on the historical background on the one hand and the geopolitical control over colonies on the other hand (Evera n.d) . The war was a crucial moment in the history of the colonial relations because it codified the total control of Britain over the sea trade as well as the sovereignty over most part of the North American continent through the Treaty of Paris. During the 18th century there was a fierce competition between the British and the French colonial empires that ultimately led to The Seven Years War. The final result of the conflict favored the English who, nonetheless, were forced to make appeal to the force of the American

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