The Caux Round Table Principles and White’s Biblical Principles

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The Caux Round Table Principles and White’s Biblical Principles The article make a link between the nonspiritual and Biblical principles within which business that will be considered responsible and just should follow to. It is going to draw from principles enlisted by the Caux Round Table and those by White. (White, 1978) Caux focus mainly on the secular section of the principles without putting any emphasis on any one religion but rather as a guidance for proper business dealings for the improvement of society and not just benefit the one conducting it alone White drew his principles from teachings in the Bible therefore caters to those business with practicing Christian stakeholders. These two are drawn from what can be seen as…show more content…
As manufacturing in big factories and rapid population growth there has created a need to protect the environment, something not catered for in the Bible. Caux states that any responsible business will ensure they do not become wasteful and jeopardize the future of future generations in a bid to make profits for themselves. Caux also support for a business that is oriented to benefit the whole society and even the world. The business will have the responsibility to upgrade the living standards of its community and be an active participant in reforms that benefit all. (Hinnells, 2010) This means that the business will take into account the culture and beliefs of the surrounding community and be mindful of them. The business will make sure to operate within the confines of the laws stated. It will be accountable to the laws of the state and the international laws but should make a provision a not all laws are beneficial to the customers it should not be firm in the way that it is conducted such that the customer ends up suffering like jacking up prices of basic commodities simply because the government needs an extra source of income through taxation. In such an instance, the business has a responsibility to the community to oppose this move and encourage other channels to achieve the same goal. (Srinivasan, 2003) Another major principle encouraged is that businesses should not be involved in any scandals, and illicit

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