The Cave Epilogue

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“Wait here. You will be safer without me, in the morning when they leave, run! Take the little one and run. I’ll meet you at the capital if…” Said Kino. Juana looked at him a look of disapproval and distrust she replied, “Kino, my husband. Don't be so ignorant we will wait for you in the cave, we will wait together. I trust you to make the right choice You can do it, for you are a man. Powerful strong you can. You are stronger than 10 men combined!”

The look in his eye was a mixture of disapproval and fright. He could tell Juana wasn’t going to give in to this one she would not flee she wouldn’t let her child be raised without a father. “Fine just stay low and keep the young one quite,” Kino said. Juana gave a quick small nod. She
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Wriggling out of the cave like a small weasel so close to the entrance, a rock falls striking him in the head, a small groan escapes his body, it alerts the tracker. Kino half dazed and in pain trying to make himself unnoticeable by the tracker his white clothes make it a near impossible task. The tracker stands and alerts the others soon the hill side is a dangerous place not knowing if he was going to be found. He quietly inches back trying not to make the same fatal mistake that could cost him and his family their lives. Minutes pass yet it feels like an eternity, there is no sign of any trackers. Kino decided to leave the…show more content…
He hears a scream and he this time not carefully, steadily jogging but in a full sprint losing his balance on the way makes it to the cave he knows that there is a battle going on just beyond the darkness of the night. Not quite sure Kino runs in searching for the baby he once held in his arms, sight is nearly useless he has to depend on his sense of feeling to guide him to his wife and child he can hear the battle next to him he lunges grabbing what he thinks is Juana he pulls away from the other separating the two he pulls his fist back, stab a knife right through his abdomen a large roar escapes. Resembling a he grabs the man behind him and bites he takes the knife from the figure and impales the man with such force the impact caused the blade to go through the rib stabbing the man in the lung he goes
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